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OR22-4 Homing of Antigen-specific Engineered Regulatory T Cells To Human Pancreatic Islets

Journal of the Endocrine Society
Imam, S;
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The combination of trametinib and ganitumab is effective in RAS-mutated PAX-fusion negative rhabdomyosarcoma models

Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research
Hebron, KE;Wan, X;Roth, JS;Liewehr, DJ;Sealover, NE;Frye, WJE;Kim, A;Stauffer, S;Perkins, OL;Sun, W;Isanogle, KA;Robinson, CM;James, A;Awasthi, P;Shankarappa, P;Luo, X;Lei, H;Butcher, D;Smith, R;Edmondson, EF;Chen, JQ;Kedei, N;Peer, CJ;Shern, JF;Figg, WD;Chen, L;Hall, MD;Difilippantonio, S;Barr, FG;Kortum, RL;Robey, RW;Vaseva, AV;Khan, J;Yohe, ME;
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Resistance to ATR Inhibitors Is Mediated by Loss of the Nonsense-Mediated Decay Factor UPF2

Cancer research
O'Leary, PC;Chen, H;Doruk, YU;Williamson, T;Polacco, B;McNeal, AS;Shenoy, T;Kale, N;Carnevale, J;Stevenson, E;Quigley, DA;Chou, J;Feng, FY;Swaney, DL;Krogan, NJ;Kim, M;Diolaiti, ME;Ashworth, A;
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Identification and differential usage of a host metalloproteinase entry pathway by SARS-CoV-2 Delta and Omicron

Benlarbi, M;Laroche, G;Fink, C;Fu, K;Mulloy, RP;Phan, A;Ariana, A;Stewart, CM;Prévost, J;Beaudoin-Bussières, G;Daniel, R;Bo, Y;El Ferri, O;Yockell-Lelièvre, J;Stanford, WL;Giguère, PM;Mubareka, S;Finzi, A;Dekaban, GA;Dikeakos, JD;Côté, M;
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Pertussis toxin neutralizing antibody response after an acellular booster vaccination in Dutch and Finnish participants of different age groups

ABSTRACTPertussis incidence has increased in many countries and the disease occurs among all age groups, suggesting the need for booster immunizations through life. In addition to determining the concentration of anti-pertussis toxin (PT) antibodies, the ability of PT neutralizing antibodies (PTNAs) could be used to assess vaccine responses.Altogether 258 participants…
Knuutila, A;Versteegen, P;Barkoff, AM;van Gageldonk, P;Mertsola, J;Berbers, G;He, Q;PERISCOPE Consortium, ;
Emerging microbes & infections
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The autocrine loop of ALK receptor and ALKAL2 ligand is an actionable target in consensus molecular subtype 1 colon cancer

Background In the last years, several efforts have been made to classify colorectal cancer (CRC) into well-defined molecular subgroups, representing the intrinsic inter-patient heterogeneity, known as Consensus Molecular Subtypes (CMSs). Methods In this work, we performed a meta-analysis of CRC patients stratified into four CMSs. We identified a negative correlation…
Mazzeschi, M;Sgarzi, M;Romaniello, D;Gelfo, V;Cavallo, C;Ambrosi, F;Morselli, A;Miano, C;Laprovitera, N;Girone, C;Ferracin, M;Santi, S;Rihawi, K;Ardizzoni, A;Fiorentino, M;D’Uva, G;Győrffy, B;Palmer, R;Lauriola, M;
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research
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PFKFB4 interacts with ICMT and activates RAS/AKT signaling-dependent cell migration in melanoma

Cell migration is a complex process, tightly regulated during embryonic development and abnormally activated during cancer metastasis. RAS-dependent signaling is a major nexus controlling essential cell parameters including proliferation, survival, and migration, utilizing downstream effectors such as the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway. In melanoma, oncogenic mutations frequently enhance RAS, PI3K/AKT, or…
Sittewelle, M;Kappès, V;Zhou, C;Lécuyer, D;Monsoro-Burq, AH;
Life science alliance
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Distepharinamide, a novel dimeric proaporphine alkaloid from Diploclisia glaucescens, inhibits the differentiation and proliferative expansion of CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells

Background CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells (Tregs) represent the primary cellular mechanism of tumor immune evasion. Elimination of Treg activity by the pharmacological agent may enhance anti‐tumor immune responses. However, Treg-eliminating agents, especially those with small molecules, are rarely reported. Purpose To identify small molecule inhibitors of Treg cells from natural…
Chen, F;Geng, C;Chou, C;Zheng, J;Yang, Y;Wang, Y;Li, T;Li, P;Chen, J;Chen, X;
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Efficacy optimization of low frequency microbubble-mediated sonoporation as a drug delivery platform to cancer cells

Ultrasound insonation of microbubbles can be used to form pores in cell membranes and facilitate the local trans-membrane transport of drugs and genes. An important factor in efficient delivery is the size of the delivered target compared to the generated membrane pores. Large molecule delivery remains a challenge, and can…
Eck, M;Aronovich, R;Ilovitsh, T;
International journal of pharmaceutics: X
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Anti-diabetic effect of hesperidin on palmitate (PA)-treated HepG2 cells and high fat diet-induced obese mice

Food Research International
Rajan, P;Natraj, P;Ranaweera, S;Dayarathne, L;Lee, Y;Han, C;
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